While I strongly agree with the correct, if hardly original, comment about “changing demographics” condemning the GOP’s electoral chances (though it’s unfortunate that at CHRONICLES the issue of RACE needs to be discussed in cute euphamisms, and that the website excludes those who speak about it forthrightly, even when without epithets or vulgarities), I find it a bit odd directed at Hanson. I’m not a Hanson supporter, though I read one of his history books and thought it pretty much as scholarly as the productions of the CHRONICLES intellectuals. But Hanson did write a book called MEXIFORNIA, which I have not read, but was able to infer, from the many reviews of it I did read, advocated greater border security, and was at least mildly hostile to continuing mass legal immigration.

As I have said on earlier posts, Obama will be a formidable opponent, but, while I wrote in the name of Ron Paul on Election Day, he was clearly the superior choice for Middle Americans (not that anyone is excused for having voted for him, especially in those states where victory was clearly projected to be lopsided for a candidate; I, too, was disappointed by the low third party vote). John “Amnesty” McCain, and his best Senate friend, Lindsay Graham, are the two most repulsive GOP national politicians. They are wrong on nearly every issue, particularly the most important ones: stopping the non-white invasion, colonization and conquest of America, and keeping our country out of needless foreign conflicts. The Democrat party is the party of non-white domestic political imperialism, and freakish leftism, and as there are multitudes of such people, ALWAYS will be. Suggesting that some conservatives should fight within the Democrat party is far beyond
merely idiotic. MARs, or really, white preservationists and American patriots, have no choice but to conquer the GOP, and turn it for our purposes (though if and when we do, we damn well better use it for the Right things – focusing on racial preservation in ALL its aspects, from ending the invasion, to rejecting foreign wars for Israel, preserving guns rights, and slashing interracial wealth transfers – and not waste our time on the routine, ephemeral nonsense that does nothing for our people’s cause, like “family values”, or improving the (minority predominant ) public schools, or stopping abortions (2/3 of which are performed on women of color, thank goodness, and praise be to the great Margaret Sanger!)). If we were to have had any hope of accomplishing that task, the defeat of the Third Bush Term was vital (what a shame, though, that Graham was reelected, and in the process defeated a more conservative Democratic candidate).

I agree, though, that Obama/Pelosi is indeed laying the groundwork for a great GOP populist reaction, but that will only come about if serious conservatives develop a national strategy around issues of white preservation, albeit without justifying those policies in overtly racialist terms (that will come later, a few decades hence). Anti-immigrationism, foreign policy isolationism, protection of property and the free market (which favors whites), expressed particularly in opposition to taxes, and serious confrontation on affirmative action and multiculturalism: these are the issues on which to build a great movement, one both politically successful as well as useful in light of the ultimate goal of every true conservative, namely, saving Western civilization from eclipse, and the white race which created and alone can sustain that civilization, from biological extinction or extermination..

As to the social “conservatives”, who have been nearly as much of a plague as the neocons, let us extend our hand of friendship, pay lip service to their concerns, and roundly ignore and marginalize them. Our future rests with the Racial Right, properly coded (eg, vdare.com for now, AMERICAN RENAISSANCE presently, as whites intensify their growing, collective racial awakening).


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