From Mises blog:


I am a long-time follower of Mises, Rothbard, and the rest of the Austrians, and believe their economics is correct, even if ‘radical’ by conventional standards. Their politics is quite another matter. There is nothing philosophically dispositive about libertarianism, however persuasive Misesian praxeology. One can be an Austrian without worshipping the Market God (as so many on this site do), or exalting homo economicus to some privileged position above all other human types and aspirational categories.

These truths are always brought home to me whenever libertarians idiotically start pontificating on areas about which they so often either are clearly ignorant, or otherwise blinded by ideology. Foreign policy is one such area. While I share much of the libertarian critique of imperialism and the threat it has historically posed to domestic liberty and tranquility, a nation’s security interests can hardly be satisfied simply with endless reiterations of “do nothing”. If many libertarians had their way, national defense would be reduced to civilian militias, desperately hoping that a non-interventionist foreign policy of peace and free trade with all, entangling alliances with none, would somehow so charm the rest of the planet that no hostile powers, coveting the immense wealth of our desired retro-capitalist system, would emerge to threaten us. The naivete of this view, in a world of predatory states and nuclear weaponry, is mind-boggling, evincing the
complete triumph of obsessional ideology over any awareness of history and the really existing world order.

Immigration is another area of libertarian utopianism and flight from reality. I’ve enjoyed many of Robert Murphy’s articles, but if he is serious that we should allow UNRESTRICTED immigration (his usage @#9 above), then I must call into question the value of all of his earlier work that I had thought was enlightening. Throwing open America’s already hemmoraghing borders, an act of world-historically pathological stupidity, would result in the virtual overnight extirpation of the United States, the literal foreign conquest of America. Does Murphy have ANY understanding of: 1) evolutionary biology; 2) the history of interethnic relations; 3) global demographics; 4) international wealth disparities; 5) infectious disease epidemiology; 6) the American welfare state structure; 7) American anti-discrimination law;  8 ) geopolitical relations; 9) military security issues; or 10) American ethnographic electoral patterns, and political realities? In a word,
outside of some tiny specialty in Austrian economics, does Murphy have any knowledge of any discipline relevant to formulating immigration policy? In advocating “open borders” the answer is, embarrassingly not.

Immigration is the great disaster of our time, not just for traditional Americans, who are losing their country to this peaceful invasion, but for liberty, too. Immigration strengthens the hand of government in dozens of ways, but I will emphasize just one. 99% of immigrants are racial ‘minorities’. Here is the racial minority vote for Obama in 2008 (admittedly, I wrote-in Ron Paul, but third party voting is still rare; the vast bulk of pro-private property voters are registered Republicans): blacks 95%, Hispanics about 70%, Asians 62% (and Jews, incidentally, voted 81% for Obama). These electoral demographic imbalances have been remarkably stable over the past four decades. Why would we want to increase the numbers of minority voters ten-fold virtually overnight?

Open immigration would spell the immediate end of private property and the free market in America, and usher in an era of total wealth confiscations for old-stock Americans. Advocating such destruction is not funny or “tongue-in-cheek” ; it is treasonous (and per Hoppe, it is not even libertarian, at least not necessarily so).

If Mr. Murphy and other libertarians indeed wish to emerge from their little ideological ghetto, and have their views (at least the correct ones, those dealing with the economy) taken seriously by sober men, they need to jettison their non-economic nonsense. Note that the one libertarian doing something in the real world, Rep. Ron Paul (Republican), is staunchly opposed to the immigration invasion, and wants are borders sealed, not cast aside.


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