Pat Quinn

“Economically liberal, socially conservative” is exactly the opposite of what the authentic conservative cause requires at this particular juncture. Translated into plain language, this ideological deformation indicates someone who a) wishes to continue or expand American welfare-state socialism, which, translated into still plainer language, means expanding the already horrendous forced interracial wealth transfers from whites to blacks and immigrants (while concurrently expanding our government parasite bureaucracy, with its gold-plated pension and health benefits); while b) opposing the wilder aspects of the sodomite agenda, as well as abortion, the single liberal policy that actually advances the conservative cause in America (by slightly keeping down the minority and dysgenic white populations), as a matter of his precious, public “faith” (”faith” being to conservatives as “culture” is to liberals: matters to be earnestly respected
and kept off limits to critical analysis); and, of course, c) having absolutely nothing to say about white racial dispossession, affirmative action, Third World immigration (though this creature might further be judged “conservative” by the media for supporting the death penalty “for the worst cases”, which might result in a dozen actual capital convictions, and one or two real executions – out of thousands possible, and millions, yes MILLIONS, merited).

The “economically liberal, socially conservative” creature, in other words, is at base a white leftist with a tiny handful of inconsequential, atavistic attitudes, usually carried over from a working class/prole upbringing. He is a “trailer park liberal”, as opposed to the more common and noticeable “limosine” variety. Jim Webb is an excellent example, a leftist next to whom Abraham Lincoln was an arch-conservative, who “supports the troops”, and wants affirmative action for white hillbillies, and has an Asiatic wife, and “stood proudly” with “Barack” in the primaries – and who apparently suckered an embarassing number of the “conservatives” at CHRONICLES into thinking he was one of them (well, come to think of it, maybe he is, real conservatives being in rather short supply at Your Home for Grumpy Old (and Prematurely Old) Men Who Are Terrified of Facing the Real Issues Extirpating America).

Pat Quinn will be worthless.


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