Trifkovic Leaving Chronicles

But why is Trifkovic leaving? Is it just at the site, or will he no longer be writing for CHRONICLES? That would be a huge loss, at least for me. Since the death of Sam Francis, I always read Trifkovic first. I’m a few months behind in the magazine – does it say there why he’s leaving? I hope it doesn’t signal a further shift of the magazine to the left, or at least Christian right, which is becoming way too prominent among the paleocons. What with Lew Rockwell’s group’s own massive shift to the pro-immigration, anti-military left, this site’s advocacy of bailing out the UAW Democrats, the descent of THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE into “gastronomic conservatism”, an exaggerated and affected ‘localism’, and similar irrelevancies, and takimag’s cowardly banning of any forthright examination of the accelerating racial dispossession of white (ie traditional) America, even amongst mere web-discussants, the intellectual Right, or what passes
for it, is really spiralling down the bowl. At least AMERICAN RENAISSANCE and THE OCCIDENTAL QUARTERLY are upholding an ideological tradition which is still serious, secular and rightist. But there is a need for a genuine rightism applied to more than just racial issues (even if they are obviously the most important). Trifkovic ably performed that service with respect to foreign policy analysis. He will be missed.


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